Reduced Mosqui-go Duo Plug In Insect Repellent for European Use


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Go Travel Mosqui-Go Duo Europe Plug

The Mosqui-Go Duo Europe Plug from Go Travel (formerly “Design Go”) is perfect for dealing with mosquitoes, midges and other flying and biting insects that have managed to find their way inside to harass you. It starts working the moment you plug it in and turn it on and it is supplied here with a European style 2 round pin plug.

Usage guidelines: Typically the Design Go Mosqui-Go Duo would be used at night time for a maximum of 12 hours at a time and one bottle can provide protection for up to 37 days.

  • Liquid vapour mosquito killer. Includes Plug In & Liquid refill
  • For European/Sacandnavia/Morocco, Russia, Tunisia & Turkey Use. Dual function, able to use standard tablets or liquid
  • HSE approved harmless vapour effective on mosquitoes
  • 1 bottle provides approx. 37 days protection