Reduced Moringa 250 Oleifera Vegi Capsules High Dosage 600mg – 100% Vegan Raw Food (2X125)


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Moringa VEGI Capsules – 100% certified vegan raw food

Original Moringa Oleifera, Guaranteed raw food quality from wild growing plantations,
fertilizer and pesticide-free cultivation, certified, residue controlled production  and clinically
tested production.

Ayurveda top-notch quality powder with 300 mesh grade for maximum bioavailability

Vegetarian Capsules – Delivery in hygienic Ziplock pouches

Moringa is one of the most nutritious plants of our planet and is a veritable powerhouse. It has over 90
nutrients,vitamins, proteins, phytochemicals, 18 amino acids, essential micronutrients, 46 antioxidant
substances and much more. It has the highest bioavailability and can be fully absorbed by the body.

Moringa is considered in Ayurvedic herbal medicine as one of the preferred plants. There are
currently more than 700 studies and trials which highlight the positive qualities of Moringa. “Moringa
oleifera” is originally from the tropical and subtropical regions at the foot of the Himalayas and has
been used for over 5000 years used in Ayurvedic natural medicine.

Manual harvest and selection, kiln drying and gentle processing with certified machines guarantee
high quality of the final product. Encapsulation exclusively in VEGI capsules of pure plant cellulose.
Special mix of young trees (more vitamins) and older trees (more nutrients)