Reduced Wild Harvested 98% Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen Tablet Os Authentic 400g


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About Pine pollen: Pollen of the pine tree is the sperm cells from the stamen of the pine trees, and it is the origin of the pine tree, assume the task of the repeoduction of the pines. It has the characteristic of the singleness and pure quality, stable ingredients, and no residue of any pesticides, or any kinds of the zoohormone. Compared to any other pollen, it has better taste, and slight fragrance when taking, so has been called “the king of pollen” and really deserves the reputation of “the flower of dragon, the spirit of flower, and the origin of beauty”. Indications and functions: 1、Skin care: Pine pollen boasts the abundance of the amino acid, various enzymes, natural vitamine A, C, E, phospholipid, the improtant materials as nucleic acid and other ingredients of skin care. Vitamine C contained in the pine pollen can slow down or stop the synthesis of the melanin, and keep the skin white. So it has the effect of activating the skin cells, making the skin more moistening and healthy, enhancing the elasticity of the skin, delaying the aging of the skin. In the foreign countries, the pine pollen has been called as “the origin of the cosmetics”, and “the source of the youth and health”. 2、Delay aging: Pine pollen contains great anti-oxydation ingredients: Vitamine E, carotene and the microelement Se and so on, which can delay aging by resisting the lipid inside the body and the peroxydation of the protein. 3、Regulate the dysfunction of the endocrine system: Pine pollen contains great amount of the material of functionality(including protein, Vitamine, microelement and flavonoids), which coordinate with the body to regulate the vious functions of the body, balance the nourishment and accelarate the metabolism

  • Origin: China
  • Weight: 400g 100g*4 bottles
  • Skin care, delay aging, regulate the dysfunction of the endocrine system
  • Remove fatigue, adjust the functions of stomach and intestines and relieve the constipation
  • Keep the product in shady, ventilated, dry and no strange smell place
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