Reduced Science in Sport 1 kg Strawberry Whey Protein Powder


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High protein formula to aid muscle growth and development Ingredients include quality whey protein isolate and concentrate blend – with at least 5g of BCAAs per serving Using this product contributes to lean muscle mass growth and maintenance Each serving contains 22-23g of protein per serving, depending on the flavour you choose Whey protein has some of the highest digestion rates known, and has a high leucine content, either 2.5g per 30g serving for strawberry, banana and vanilla flavour, or 2.4g for chocolate flavour Leucine is an amino acid which is not only a building block for new muscle protein, but also increases the rate of muscle protein synthesis Wheat and Gluten Free SiS Whey Protein can be used throughout the day with or between meals (such as at breakfast or mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks) to provide a convenient way to increase daily protein intake After training consume one serving within 30 minutes of finishing your session for maximum benefit As with all SiS products, SiS Whey Protein is produced at our Informed Sport accredited factory and is rigorously screened to ensure a clean, safe product that athletes of all levels trust

  • SiS Whey Protein contains a blend of high quality whey protein isolate and concentrate.
  • Contributes to lean muscle mass growth & maintenance
  • 1kg makes up 33 x shakes
  • Informed Sport tested with every raw material and finished batch tested for banned substances
  • Wheat & Gluten Free
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