Reduced Quinton Hypertonic Ampoules – 30


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Quinton Hypertonic Ampoules, providing a mineral boost to support mental focus and your immune system Quinton Hypertonic is pure Quinton marine plasma that is three times the mineral concentration of your blood. Each box contains 30 x 10ml ampoules. Hypertonic is the ideal support before, during and after any type of physical, mental or emotional stress. It provides a more rapid re-mineralisation that people find very energising. Although Quinton Hypertonic is a good way to boost mineral intake, users frequently find that using both Hypertonic and Isotonic forms of Quinton according to what sort of day you have ahead and how you feel is the best way to maintain your optimum overall health. After a while you’ll instinctively know which one your body needs today! Quinton Hypertonic is 100% natural and can be used to renourish and provide rapid remineralisation of your depleted cells. It can be used to increase mental focus, alertness and a boost to your immune system. It is ideal for long term use and should be used as part of your daily health routine. Supplied in boxes of 30 x 10ml ampoules. Take one every morning to boost cell nutrition and help your immune system fight disease.

  • Quinton contains over 78 minerals
  • increase energy and stamina
  • Boost your energy, your immune system and help fight illness ✓ Fight wrinkles and stay younger looking ✓ Improve performance and recover faster ✓ Help you repair damaged tissue quicker ✓ Fight fatigue,
  • improve well being and revitalise your health
  • It has so many attributes but ultimately its about keeping and maintaining a healthy body. Quinton’s natural composition amazingly mirrors that of a healthy human blood plasma and our extra cellular fluid almost perfectly. Like human blood plasma, Quinton contains over 78 minerals, trace elements and marine co-factors, all at the perfect levels needed by the human body to be healthy and rebalance your body. Quinton can increase energy and stamina, speed recovery, support immune function, balance hormones and improve mental focus.
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