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What is Biovea’s Probiotic Complex?

Probiotic bacteria, also called “good” bacteria inhabit the intestine and are essential elements of our natural defenses. They produce enzymes and B vitamins, protect from certain micro-organisms (such as Candida albicans), limit gas production and generally improve the immune defenses. Infections, bad dietary habits, alcohol, antibiotics and other drugs can all threaten our bacterial flora and irritate the intestinal mucous membrane.

Clinical studies conducted at major universities have demonstrated the benefits of probiotic bacteria supplement for intestinal health, including its effectiveness against colitis and diarrhea of various origins. This exceptional probiotic can help control the proliferation of harmful bacteria, ease inflammation and boost intestinal impermeability. It has also been used to treat Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome and to reduce hypersensitivity to dairy products.

  • Provides four billion viable organisms of four different healthy strains
  • Restores the friendly bacteria found in a healthy digestive tract
  • Aids in digestion
  • Essential in maintaining colon health
  • Boosts the body’s natural defensive capabilities
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