Reduced Probion Active Swedish Pharmaceutical Grade Probiotics Tablets – Pack of 150


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ProBion contains 10 times more viable and sustainable lactic acid bacteria compared to other products on the market. ProBion tablets are continuously analysed by accredited laboratory. Normally there are about 80-90 % viable, vigorous and non-damaged bacteria when stored at room temperature in 30 months. ProBion is developed by Swedish scientists and also produced in Sweden. ProBion is a unique tablet with a sustained quality and prolonged shelf life. The tablet has a controlled release and dissolution profile, where the viable and vigorous bacteria are exposed continuously further down in the small and large intestine. This prolongs the bacterial exposure. ProBion is free from lactose. The lactic acid bacteria are cultivated without any supplement of milk or soya. ProBion is manufactured in our own factory in Sweden according to the highest quality standards. ProBion is based on research and we work together with leading scientists and universities to continuously develop new state-of-the-art products.

  • Swedish, innovative, probiotics developed to improve rapid or loose digestion
  • Ingenious tablet structure with prebiotics ensures viable bacteria and sustainability, free from dairy, soy, wheat and gluten
  • Acid and bile resistant strains ensures safe delivery through stomach into intestines
  • Slow dissolution over 150 minutes allows maximum deposition and activation of bacteria in colon
  • 30-month shelf life without need for refrigeration, with quality assured by independent labs
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