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Imagine spending your life in a house that is never cleaned. The human body without proper detoxification (or clean-up), is exactly the same as that house. Every day we are exposed to dozens of toxic compounds that cause chronic diseases. From prescription drugs to household cleaning products, cosmetics, plastics and even drinking water, we are surrounded by potential sources of deadly toxins that contaminates the body. Researchers have calculated that the average person has inside them over 100 deadly toxins such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminium, mycotoxins (from moulds), DDT, insecticides, BPA (from plastics) and many others. These toxins accumulate in all our organ, and over time cause chronic health problems such as memory loss, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, dementia, sexual dysfunction and premature ageing. Pectasol is the only orally taken natural detox that has been rigorously tested and shown to remove many different kinds of toxic chemicals from the body.

  • Pecta Sol Capsules For Full Body Detoxification
  • Eliminates Heavy Metals such as Mercury, Lead, Aluminum
  • Also eliminates pesticides, insecticides, mycotoxins and plastics
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory agent
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