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Natures Plus presents unrivaled nutritional support for healthy eye function:
Maximum Strength Ultra Lutein. In Ultra Lutein, active ingredients lutein
and zeaxanthin combine to form an antioxidant powerhouse that helps to reinforce
ocular well-being. Ultra Lutein’s FloraGLO brand of lutein is an active carotenoid
derived from concentrated marigold flower extract, formulated with an exclusive,
patented purifying process. While lutein is found in many common foods, most
adults may not get sufficient quantities of this beneficial nutrient for
their daily diet. Scientific studies indicate that 20 mg of lutein is critical
threshold of efficacy for adults who need to support healthy eye function
— and 20 mg of FloraGLO lutein is precisely what each Ultra Lutein softgel
contains. The cofactor in Ultra Lutein, zeaxanthin, also a marigold derivative,
synergistically enhances lutein’s natural antioxidant strength.
Bullet points:

Gluten Free

Lutein (active carotenoid from marigold flower extract) Zeaxanthin (active
carotenoid from marigold flower extract) Gelatin soybean oil glycerin beeswax
lecithin purified water natural color

  • Ultra Lutein features FloraGLO┬« brand lutein, an active carotenoid from the marigold flower.
  • Ultra Lutein contains a full 20mg lutein, the level that scientific studies document as providing effective antioxidant protection of the eyes.
  • Ultra Lutein provides 860mcg zeaxanthin to synergistically enhance antioxidant support
  • Nutritional Support for Healthy Eye Function
  • Ultra Lutein is ultra convenient: just one softgel daily!
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