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Lipid-SirtHyperlipidemia is a key factor associated with an increased risk of the development of cardiovascular disease.Also referred to as high cholesterol, dyslipidemia, and lipid disorder, hyperlipidemia is a condition by whichunhealthy levels of cholesterol circulate in the blood. The human body obtains cholesterol in two ways: upto 80% of the cholesterol is produced endogenously in the liver; the remainder is obtained from the diet inthe form of animal products such as meats, fish, eggs, and dairy. While there is not a readily accepted level ofcholesterol in the human body that is considered ‘safe’, most clinical guidelines list Total Cholesterol levelsunder 200 mg/dl as desirable.

  • Use with hyperlipidemia
  • Also referred to as high cholesterol
  • Helps with accepted levels of cholesterol
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