Reduced Henna Plus Permanent Hair Colour Powder – Red


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Henna Plus Colour Powder is a 100% natural hair colouring which gives your hair a natural golden glow. It also strengthens your hair and offers superior shine. No chemical substances. Available in 7 natural shades.
Henna Plus Powder is a permanent hair colour that lasts 2-3 months.
Henna is a natural vegetable dye that revives the natural colour of your hair, deepens existing colour or emphasises highlights. It allows you to enhance, intensify or change your natural hair colour, as well covering grey hair.
It improves hair quality by strengthening from the root. Henna is an oriental shrub that is renowned for giving hair shine and volume, leaving it manageable and vibrant with rich colour.
Henna coats each hair strand with a film of colour that protects each hair shaft as well as creating extra body. Chemical hair colourings use ammonia to penetrate each hair strand.
Red is recommended for dark blonde to black hair.
Your final hair colour after using this product will depend on your starting hair colour and the length of time that the colour is left on.
Those with exceptionally long or thick hair may require two boxes.
Full instructions in box, along with gloves and brush.
Size: 100 g
Our henna hair dye powders contain pure, natural henna as well as other botanical extracts to achieve the desired colour. The henna dyes are safer than other hair dyes are they are free from ammonia, Para-Phenylenediamine (PPDs) and other nasties.
Henna is a natural means of colouring hair whilst conditioning it, and is recommended for women who regularly use harmful ammonia-based dyes.
100% natural.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • 100 gr
  • Hair Care & Hairstyling
  • Red
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