Reduced Grapeseed oil 5 Litre – Cosmetic Grade – Also a Carrier Oil for Massage and Aromatherapy


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Grapeseed oil is a fantastic oil, neutral in colour and scent and takes fragrance well. Commonly used as a carrier oil to dilute essential oils before applying to skin, or as a massage oil for its light non-greasy properties. Create your own skin or hair treatments by using grapeseed oil as one of your ingredients, the possibilities are endless! Please note that is a cosmetic grade oil and not intended as a food product.

  • Grapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes and is a light oil with a golden colour and a neutral scent.
  • Truly one of the most versatile oils around, with uses from aromatherapy, massage to creating your own beauty treatments.
  • Sourced directly from the Italian countryside, our grapeseed oil is created with care by the experts
  • High in linoleic acid and Vitamin E