Reduced Glide Floss Picks (30 pc) (Pack of 6)


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Glide Floss Picks effectively removes plaque. Shred resistant. Patented tension control design. Helps make flossing simple. Dentist recommended brand. Experience the Glide difference. Easy to reach back teeth!

Easy flossing with one hand. Unique, patented floss that’s smooth, strong, and shred resistant. Effectively removes tough plaque between teeth and just below the gumline.

Gently stimulates gums and helps prevent gingivitis. Patented tension control design allows floss to surround the tooth surface.

  • Slides up to 50% more easily in tight spaces* *vs. leading floss
  • Helps prevent gingivitis as part of a complete dental plan
  • Up to 90% more micro textured surface area than Glide Original
  • Provides a cool, clean feeling every time you floss
  • Strong and shred resistant with a light coating of natural wax for improved grip
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