Reduced Elasticated WRIST Support , Antibacterial (P&P 99p WORLDWIDE)


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This 5 way unique advanced lightweight “Nano Flextra” TM fabric system is :-
• Elasticated
• Antibacterial
• Odour-Free
• Breathable & Fast Drying
• Woven Filament For Comfort
Provides light relief for ailments commonly associated with:
• Wrist Strains or Sprains.
• Tendonitis
• Slight RSI (repetitive strain injury)
• Arthritis
• Help to relieve every day aches and pains.
Elasticated Wrist Support Features:
• Easy single wrap fit.
• Slim low profile design.
• Comfortable and good compressive support.
• Designed for all activities.
• Width of strap 3ins (8cm).
What you can expect from the Elasticated Wrist Support :-

The Wrist support is designed to be comfortable when worn yet providing good support and compression to the surrounding areas. It provides relief for minor injuries and ailments associated with Strains or Sprains, Arthritis, Tendonitis. Eases aches & pains. Due to the unique material construction this support provides a good degree of breathability but also has exceptional heat retentive properties that assist to increase the blood flow around the joint to speed up the bodies natural healing processes. The fabric system used is also Antibacterial and Odour Free.

***** Sizing Guide
Universal Free size adult, Fits either left or right hand . ***** Colour BEIGE. ** WORLDWIDE DELIVERY **

  • Enhanced ELASTICATED Breathable Fabric System Wrist Support
  • The Advanced 5 way Multi-Function, Elasticated Breathable Fabric System is ergonomically designed providing good support and compression for strains and sprains, contains “Nano Flextra” TM Woven Fabric.
  • Designed for maximum comfort and ease of use.
  • The Elasticated Wrist Support is designed to provide good stability with flexibility, A wrap around design and fitted with two lightweight plastic stays to help with stability. Designed for light strains, stiff or sore joints, aches and pains commonly associated with rheumatic and arthritic conditions. Provides effective support and compression.
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