Reduced Co Q10 100mg – best value for 100% UK-made – 120 capsules


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Premium quality Our CoQ10 is all-natural ubiquinone CoQ10, which has a long history of use as a supplement, having been studied for over 30 years. The ubiquinone form of CoQ10 is the form that most of us are familiar with and it is converted into the ‘body ready’ form once in the body. Interestingly, heart tissue has the highest CoQ10 concentrations with 61% of CoQ10 being in the reduced form of ubiquinone. We use the highest grade natural CoQ10 rather than the synthetically produced form used by some companies. Reassuringly ours undergoes a sophisticated screening process to ensure that it is free from contaminants. The precious nutrient is then immediately encapsulated into small, easy to swallow capsules to preserve the important properties. What makes us different? All of our tablets and capsules are made from start to finish in the UK. Each of our products is made to our own tight specification. We never purchase ‘off the shelf’ bulk tablets or capsules.

  • Natural CoQ10 – an all- natural not synthetic form of this popular nutrient
  • Popular strength – CoQ10 100mg, for those on cholesterol lowering statins
  • High absorption – encapsulated in a special vegetable oil base for easy absorption
  • Fresher for being 100% UK-made
  • Pharmaceutical GMP standards- manufactured and tested in UK factories operating to stringent GMP pharmaceutical standards
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