Reduced Biotics Research – Bromelain Plus CLA – 100 Tablets


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Product Description:Bromelain Plus CLA 100 Tablets. Exercising is normally a very good thing but its definitely possible to overdo it. If you push yourself too much when it comes to physical activityor if you overuse certain parts of your bodyit can lead to inflammation. This can result from activities other than exercise such as repetitive motions at work; these kinds of movements can lead to inflammatory conditions like tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. When you have inflamed tendons muscles or joints it makes it hard for you to move the affected area. You can try to relieve this painful condition with over-the-counter medications rest and heat but this may not be effective enough. If you need additional help relieving inflammation taking a supplement containing a substance called bromelain can help. Bromelain is derived from pineapples and helps you digest the proteins in that and other fruits; it has also been shown to be highly effective at reducing inflammation. Biotics Researchs Bromelain Plus CLA gives your body extra help with fighting inflammation allowing you to move freely again and get back to performing your regular activities in comfort. This supplement also supports digestive health because it provides a specially formulated blend of enzymes and other ingredients that help your body break down nutrients properly. Each tablet has the following active ingredients: Bromelain: to reduce inflammation caused by injuries and infections while also helping treat indigestion. Papain: derived from papaya fruit to help break down protein. Inositol: to keep the cells in your intestines healthy in order to promote proper digestive system functioning. Cellulase lipase and amylase: enzymes that digest fibre fat and starch respectively. Ficin: from the Ficus insipida tree which breaks down protein and destroys intestinal worms. Cysteine (L-cysteine hydrochloride): which is an amino acid thats needed in order for your body to make proteins. One bottle of Bromelai

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